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2023 Virtual Agents Day Pitch Information

Our Agents’ Panel on Great Pitches

Join us from 10:15 – 11:30 am PST when our panel of agents discuss what makes a “Great Pitch”? They will share examples of actual Great Pitches that caught them – hook, line and sinker! Then, they will provide feedback from select pitches from our attendees – the first 20 registrants will receive a link to provide a pitch and from those, the agents will choose only a few to give live feedback on.

What is a pitch?

A pitch is the short description of your story that is so good, it will capture an agent or editor’s attention. When we say “short”, we mean two, maybe three, sentences short.

You’ll hear the term “elevator pitch”. Imagine that your dream agent stepped into an elevator with you. This is your golden opportunity to tell them about your amazing story, but you only have until they get off on the next floor to tell them about it. Your elevator pitch has to be concise and to the point or else, ding! Off they go, out of the elevator while you’re still rambling. Most importantly, your pitch has to be so intriguing, it makes the agent hold the door and say, “I need to know more! Send me your manuscript!”

Why do I need one?

You’ll use a pitch on your query letter to an agent – if they are interested, they may request you to send them a full manuscript. These days, there are social media pitch events where if an agent or editor “likes” your pitch, you can send them a query.

Some people find that working on a pitch helps them in their revision process. Since a pitch has to be concise, it can help an author to narrow down what is really important to the story, what is the heart, what is the theme, what is the “why does the world need this story?”


How can I share my pitch during the Panel on Great Pitches?

The first 20 people to register will receive an email with instructions on how to submit a pitch.
You will know if you are one of the first 20 if you receive an email within a few days of registering. If you do not receive an email, even after checking your spam folder, alas, you were probably not one of them. We will update this page when all pitch spaces are full. 

The event organizers will compile all the pitches that we receive into one document. Each pitch will be anonymous, your name will not be attached to the pitch. Prior to Agents Day, we will give the agents that document to look over. They will choose which pitches to talk about.

They may choose ones that are so stellar, they wanted to point them out. Or, they may choose ones that could use some editing, and show us how to improve them. There is no guarantee that your pitch will be chosen!

After the event, the agents will let us know which pitches they would love to receive a query from and if they chose yours, we will let you know so you can remind them in your query letter!

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