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2023 Virtual Agents Day Roundtable Information

How a Roundtable Works

When you register, you will choose which agent you would like your Roundtable with (only Karly and Rachel are available). Each agent will meet with a group of 5-6 writers at the same time.

A few days prior to the event, only those who successfully registered for the Roundtable will receive an email with the Zoom link for the session, which will take place from 1:45-2:45pm PST during Agents Day.

At the Roundtable, each writer will have a 9-12 minute turn (depending on how many other writers are in the group). During your turn, you will read aloud the work you want feedback on.

You may:
– for novels, read the first page of your manuscript or
– for picture books, read the first 300 words or
– give the pitch for your work.

The agent will then use the remaining time to give their initial feedback on the work they just heard.


Roundtable Etiquette

ONLY the agent may give their thoughts and suggestions. ONLY the person whose turn it is may ask questions. Please understand that your peers have paid for the agent’s opinion, not yours, so please refrain from giving your two cents on someone else’s work. Everyone will benefit from hearing the professional feedback on their fellow attendees’ work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am an illustrator or author/illustrator. May I show my picture book dummy or portfolio?

A: This Roundtable session is for written work only. Please join us at Illustrators Day in September for feedback opportunities for your dummy or portfolio.


Q: I cannot make the scheduled time for the Roundtable. May I reschedule or receive a refund?

A: No. The Roundtable is during Virtual Agents Day on Saturday, March 11th from 1:45-2:45pm PST. There are no refunds and we are unable to reschedule if you miss the session.


Q: What will the agent say about my work?

A: It depends. Each agent has a different critique style and anything they say is subjective. It is helpful if you have a specific question or something for the agent to focus on, for example – “Is my first line exciting enough?” “How do you suggest I shorten my elevator pitch so I can use it for a social media pitch event?” “Does my main character’s voice sound believable?”


Q: Can I query the agents?

A: Yes, the agents will be open to submissions from all the event attendees, regardless of whether or not you had a roundtable or critique. We will send an email with their submission guidelines after the event. We suggest that if the agent at the Roundtable had critical feedback for you, that you take the time to do the revisions before you query them.


Q: How come I can only register for a Roundtable and not a Manuscript Critique (or vice-versa) for this event?

A: We only have a limited amount of critiques and roundtables available. Since we are offering affordable fees for San Francisco/South members, we want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to receive professional feedback. Thank you for understanding!

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