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Children's Book Writers
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The San Francisco/South region of SCBWI consists of the city and county of San Francisco and all coastal counties south to Monterey, including San Benito and Santa Clara. Our membership is made up of writers, illustrators, agents and editors who are working in the field of children’s books.


We use SCBWI’s email system to send event announcements and regional news to SF/South chapter members. Make sure your SCBWI profile email is up to date so we can keep you in the know. Both in and out-of-chapter members can also stay connected with SF/South through on Facebook and Twitter. And don’t forget that the events calendar on this site allows you to search for all the events in the areas surrounding our region as well as our own. We encourage you to take advantage of our vibrant local and international SCBWI community.


Whether you are a writer, an illustrator, or both, finding a good critique group is one of the best things that can happen you. What we offer members of SCBWI is an introduction to people looking for other writers and/or illustrators in our area: from the city of San Francisco south to Monterey, including San Mateo, Santa Clara and San Benito counties. We do this by listing your information along with paragraphs from everyone else who’s actively looking, and emailing it to all of you. Then you can contact each other. Our one rule is that you respond to everyone who contacts you, even if it’s just a “Sorry, I’ve found a group already.” or “I don’t think I want to drive from San Francisco to Santa Cruz every week.”

Occasionally an existing group will lose a member and look for someone to replace him/her. A few such groups have posted the opening on our Critique Group list. But most people have to grow their own group.  Where to meet and how often, how to share your mss or illustration, who goes first, the rules for critiquing, are the questions you have to work out between you. It’s not an easy process—what about this business is easy?—but it works. The evidence? All those groups that have been together for 20 or more years.

Your first step is to send our Critique Group Coordinators a paragraph that introduces you to everyone who is looking for critique group partners.

For writers, your Critique Group Coordinator is:
Joanna Bradshaw:

For Illustrators and Author/Illustrators*, your Critique Group Coordinator is:
Isabella Kung:

* If you are both a writer and an illustrator, and would like to take part in both a writers’ and an illustrators’ group, feel free to send a paragraph to both coordinators. However, if you are looking to build a group that is solely made up of other Author/Illustrators, then Susan is your go-to coordinator. Please be sure to tell her that you are on the hunt for other Author/Illustrators if that is the case!

When you are communicating with a coordinator, please include the following information:

1. Your name and email address
2. The geographic area in which you’d like to meet
3. Your experience in the field: i.e. beginner, MFA, attended conferences, published, taken classes, book seller, won awards, pre-school teacher, etc.
4. If you’re interested in adding to an existing group, how many members do you have?
5. For writers: Genre(s) you’re interested in. Try to be as broad as possible. YA and middle grade can often overlap. Many writers work in every genre.
6. For author/illustrators: again, please clarify whether you are looking for other author/illustrators or whether you are looking for other illustrators, etc.

If you are interested in joining an ONLINE critiquing group with other SCBWI members, then visit SCBWI’s Blue Board here.

Here’s a link to Newbery Winning Author Linda Sue Park’s discussion on “The Give and Take of Critique ” a fine article on how to do both.