Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

Portfolio Critiques and Submission Guidelines

Purchase a Portfolio Critique to have your illustrations critiqued by an agent or editor!


What’s Included

A 15-minute illustration portfolio critique with our keynote illustrator. 

When you submit a portfolio for critique you will have the opportunity to opt-in to a chance to participate in our free mentorship program.


Submission Instructions

Please bring your portfolio to the conference. Do not bring original art.



One (1) permitted

Size: (Measure while open)

Maximum width: 32” max. Maximum height: 12” max. Closed Portfolio: 3” tall max.

10 – 15 images suggested. Copies or prints only; no original art.

Name: your name and contact information must be in or on your portfolio.

* Please Note: Portfolios that do not follow requirements will be disqualified from judging, and may be placed at a back table.

Business or Promotional Cards— 50-100 suggested.

Size: Up to 5”x 7” horizontal or vertical. Only one design required. (one stack will be placed by portfolio) No cardholders permitted.



One (1) or two (2) permitted.

Size: Dummies may not be larger than your portfolio. Dummy is optional, not a requirement.

Dummy may not, in any way, be a partially or fully published book. This includes self-published.

Dummy must be attached to your portfolio. (string, yarn or ribbon works well)



The add-on fee for a critique is $75.



Q: If I don’t purchase the critique, can I still display my work at the conference?

A: Yes. If you choose not to pay for a portfolio critique, you can still participate in our annual illustration portfolio display. All portfolios of illustrators who attend the conference will be eligible for “Best in Show” awards. However, the official Golden Gate Illustrator’s Award is now awarded at our annual Illustrator’s Day event in September in San Francisco. Please bring your portfolio to the conference. Maximum size: 11″ x 17″. Do not bring original art.