Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

2021 Author and Author/Illustrator Roundtables Consultations


What’s Included:

A one-hour group consultation with a faculty member of your choice and up to 5 peers.


Roundtable Submission Due Dates:

Please note that attendees are responsible for submitting their manuscripts by the due date.  Late submissions may lose their session without a refund.

Kandace Coston 4/10/2021
Matt Ringler 5/9/2021
Grace Kendall 6/13/2021
Jennifer March Soloway 10/9/2021
Lionel Bender 10/31/2021
Stephanie Fretwell-Hill 11/28/2021
Jordan Hamessley 11/28/2021


Submission Guidelines:

– You will submit the first full page of your manuscript (up to 275 words max of either a novel or picture book) two weeks before your roundtable.

– On the day of the roundtable, you will share the first full page of your manuscript (up to 275 words max of either a novel or picture book) with your roundtable peers and with the faculty member running the roundtable.

– Text should begin at the top of the page, double-spaced, 12 pt. Font.

– Include your name, title and genre.

– After purchasing your roundtable, you will receive a confirmation email containing these submission guidelines and further instructions regarding scheduling.

– Author/illustrators can bring dummies to the roundtable. Please read the submissions guidelines for picture book dummies here.



The add-on fee for a roundtable is $45.



Q: Can I sign up for both an agent roundtable and an editor roundtable?

A: No. These add-ons are in high demand. We want as many attendees as possible to enjoy this unique opportunity.


Q: I am an author and illustrator. Can I sign up for one of each?

A: No. Our roundtables are for authors and author/illustrators only. Author/illustrators will submit their dummies or manuscript with sample art two weeks prior to the roundtable.


Questions or concerns? Email