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Children's Book Writers
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Featured Illustrator | Winter 2023

Our Featured Illustrator for Winter 2023 is Cheryl Boeller, winner of “Best in Show” at the 2022 Golden Gate Conference portfolio showcase.

Cheryl says, “Reality is magical! When we look around in wonder, the world becomes an intriguing and splendiferous place.

My love of art and nature led me to careers in design and mechanical engineering. But in recent years, creating picture book stories has been my focus.

I loved picture books as a kid, and I never outgrew them. But it was when I found WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE in a bookstore, that I began to dream of creating my own. Long before I had children, I had amassed a treasured collection of picture book favorites.


I have always remained firmly planted in the concrete down-to-earth world of my childself. I strive to share these concrete wonders of the natural world in my art and writing. The natural behavior of everything – critters, plants, kids, gravity, even paint is fascinating!”

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